Lady Rosa
EUR 1716.09


Lady Rosa is nonstandard continuation of popular Rosa collection. Lady Rosa in beige colour is fully compatible with Rosa beedroom, living room and entryway collections which allows to arrange the interior in one colour garnut.
It is an excellent solution for both, children and adults rooms and allows to put entire bed with total width of 1,4 or 1,6. The collection includes:

Couch 3 in 1:
- standard sleeping surface 0,9x1,90,
- 2 bottom drawers on wheels, which has bottom made from resistant chipboard. - It can be used as storage place, but also as additional space for sleeping (e.g. for two children),
- the couch has stable wheels, which makes it easy to move,
- additional option for couch: seperately equiped with wooden child protective grid.

Two-door cupboard
- it goes beautifully with furniture from Rosa line. It perfectly fills the space not only in living room, but also in home office, hall, entryway etc.,
- it contains mirror inside,
- universal doors, which can be opened to both sides (left and right), because the side with mirrors is equiped with special hinge, allowing doors to open on 270 angle degree.

Underslung rack:
- normally it is attached to the side of cupboard and glass case, but on request it can be attached to the wall,
- sliding door.

Dressing table:
- it is possible to fix mini-mirror for children or large mirror from Rosa bedroom colletion.

Included in set