EUR 718.79


Do you like to drink cup of coffee in the morning? If yes, Malta living room furniture collection is just for you. Warm colours of the unit furniture will change your room in more comfortable place. High level of functionality and a lot of closed sections distinguish Malta unit furniture among others. Body of the collection is made from 18 mm thick chipboard. Fronts are made from 18 mm thick chipboard and profile made from MDF chipboard with glass inset. Light which comes from diodes mounted on glass cases, refracts on the glass shelves edges giving an effect of diamond cutting. Elegance of the style is emphasized by original handles with galvanized overlay. Malta furniture unit is the highest in our offer, which means it will look perfectly in both, standard flats and comfort class apartments.

Glistening furniture is ideally adjusted to rooms with minimalistic and modern style. Shining furntiure, especially in white colour always looks very glamorous. The main feature of the collection is colour contrast, which creates unique composition. Modern glistening furniture has simple construction and give a lot of space for electronic equipment, books, dinnerware or souvernirs. While choosing living room furniture, it is essential to make the place look spacious. White furniture with shine will make every interior looks wider.

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