EUR 834.70


Unique style of Monako living room furniture is represented by smooth lines and combination of glass, shine and chrome elements. Body of tops, cabinets, dressers are made from 16 mm and 22 mm thick chipboard and fronts are made from bentwood MDF board. Glass case doors are made from 4 mm transparent glass. Light which comes from diodes mounted in spacious unit furniture refracts on the glass shelves edges, giving an effect of diamond cutting.Chrome legs, shelves' brackets and handles with galvanized overlay emphasize "high-tech" stylistics. Monako unit furniture with white shine perfectly goes with expectations of modern style enthusiasts, which like fashionable, elegant, expensive and intelligent interior.

Snow-white Monako unit furniture reflects glamour and lightness. Elements from the collection are decorated with insets in dark black, which shows impresive graphic composition. The light flightily plays with bent glass fronts and inner shelves are equipped with lighting, which draw attention and also makes the interior look more serious.

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