Vintage white gloss
EUR 1275.40


Provençal style enthusiasts should look at Vintage furniture collection in white colour. Nothing can raise better associations about south sun, nature and warm sea than Provençal climate. However, Vintage collection can be also adjusted to classic interior. Bright colour furniture emphasizes elegance and restraint, which will always be fashionable. Illuminated, natural wood is appropriate for art deco, baroque or imperial room style. Bright colour wood draw attention and is usually associated with sophistication and uniqueness.

Vintage unit funiture body is made from 18 mm and 25 mm thick chipboard with three-ply polymer varnish overlay. Fronts are made of 18 mm thick glistening laminated chipboard with screen printing pattern using flourescent paint and 3D technique. TV cabinet drawer is mounted on fully retractable ball guides. Inside of the glass case is illuminated with different colour diodes – RGB LED illumination. Colour are regulated with remote radio control. Nostalgic mood of the style is created by transparent drawing, applied on every element and beautiful bandy legs made of solid polyurethane, patine handles with varnish overlay produced by Italian company. Vintage – modern intepretation of luxury elegance.

Included in set