Tesoro - composition 5
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Tesoro stylistic composition was designed by Italian architect Paolo Bartolini. Tesoro in Italian means "treasure". Tesoro collection is intended for bedroom or children room and is available in two colour versions – ivory and mint.

Fronts from Tesoro collection are made from laminated chipboard, produced in Italy. Those 18 and 25 mm thick chipboard has ecological category – E1. All sides and endings are covered in 2 mm welt with "nature" effect, produced by German company "Dollken". In contrast to PVC, ABS does not contain chlorine.

To keep an effect of room's spaciousness and to emphasizes the unique style, a "fracture door" technique was applied to corner, two-door wardrobe.

Headrests' profiles and beds, tables, dresser and bedside cabinets' legs are manufactured from the wood of American tulip tree. Bedhead's ornaments, made from metal, are hand-painted according to the method used by XIX century Venice handicraftsmans. Sides and doors' profiles and crown are overlaid by special varnish, which not only gives the collection unique shine, but also secure it from damages.

The colletion special colouration is also emphasizes by handles with an effect of "fractured ceramics", provided by Belgian producer. The ivory colour set has fulgent bronze handles, produced on a metal base. The mint colour set has handles overlaid by tin. Ceramic decoration on headrests makes the bed more aesthetic.

Wardrobes are equiped with regulated legs, which allow adjusting the piece of furniture on irregular floor space. For decoration, the producers used tempered, patterned and screen printed glass, which in case of damaging, does not fragmentise on sharp pieces, but on small and soft ones.

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