Domino - composition 2
EUR 2783.00


Domino Collection – it is the best example of harmony between comfort, elegant shapes and colours. Domino's variety of colours will perfectly represent a bedroom of young, modern person with refind taste as well as mature one, who prefers tasteful furniture. There are two variants of Domino collection: with white or black bedstead, which excellently articulate with every colour of fronts and profiles. Bedroom with white fronts makes the interior more spacious and reflects an impression of airiness and affection by filling it with light. The version with black fronts creates feeling of nobility, elegance and peacefulness. Soft bedhead lines, "silver waves" on wardrobe profile, dressers with mirrors and bedside cabinets, silvered handles that resemble flowers, white, shimmering fronts – all those elements recall elegance style and arouse romantic feelings. Luxurious two-person bed not only allows comfort sleeping and experience beautiful romantic moments, but also enables its owner to keep necessary bedroom accessories. Bed headrest decoration is applied by the same method as ones in royal carriages interiors, which makes it even more exclusive. There are versions of the bed: with mechanism for lifting chassis and drawer for bedding, or with silver legs, applied by "silver leaf" technology. For both bed configuration, we suggest bedside cabinet, dresser and pouf. Five-door wardrobe is a alternative for wardrobe with sliding doors and can accomodate numerous items. As a complement for the wardrobe, we propose dresser with two drawers, equiped with Blum guides and smooth closing, and remaining parts of the collection.

Every wardrobe from Domino collection has hinges made by austrian manufacturer Blum. Golden profile reflects royality, deep dark brown or burgundy tint of eco-leather and black shining fonts creates an atmosphere of richness and wealth. Spacious two, three or four-door wardobe with mirrors makes the bedroom visually bigger. Mirror, elegant bedside cabinets, spacious dresser with drawers and smooth closing guides are both, partical and gracious element of the interior. Yellow bed with legs, which are made with "gold leaf" method are intented for those, who want to have real royal interior. Shine of gold, black polishing on fronts, original shapes and lines creates impressive combination of harmony, splendour and makes the bedroom look like palace interior.

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