Tesoro lux - composition 1
EUR 3362.80


Sophisticated and luxurious collection Tesoro Lux is available in two colour versions: ivory and cherry, which will give you the sense of comfort, peacefulness and reliability. Either bedroom futniture or children room furniture can be chosen individually, because they are available as modules. Such possibility enables to unrestrictedly create original interior design.

Tesoro Lux furniture stylistics has been elaborated regarding original base model Tesoro. However, in contrast to original Tesoro, the collection is decorated with modern elements: tricolour screen printing, fronts with pigeonhole, decorative strained glass on fronts (firstly, fabric is applied at glass and then the paint). Instead of handles, wardrobe is equipped with keys and blush with gold fringes; beds have milled decorative elements – drawing with patina effect.

Tesoro Lux furniture bodies are made from 18 and 25 mm thick laminated chipboard, produced by Italian company Gruppo Mauro Saviola. Laminated chipboards are more cut and damp resistant than the normal ones.

2 mm ABS welt with "nature" effect, produced by German company "Dollken", was used for furniture finishings. ABS welt is safe for the enviroment, because it does not contain chlorine. Back sides of the wardrobes are made from 3 mm thick, plastered in body colour MDF boards. Fronts are made from 10 mm MDF board and have tricolour screen printing drawing. Corner Two-door wardrobe is has "fracture door" effect which allows better organisation of a room space and is unique element of wardrobe construction. Profiles on bedheads and tables, beds, dressers and bedside cabinets' legs are made from natural wood and painted on the collection's dominant colour.

Handles with "metal aging" effect and gold drawing on ceramic surface significantly influence Tesoro Lux's colouration. Doors are equipped with anti-vibration hinges and drawers have reliable self-clamping Blum guides, which allow smooth closing. Wardrobes are equipped with regulated legs, which enable to set them on irregular surface.

Delicate colour of ivory create an atmosphere of quieteness and peacefulness. Decorative strained glasses with pastel colours are perfectly harmonized with headrest's ornament and handles with "metal ageing" effect and gold pattern on the ceramin surface, produced by Italian company Giusti.

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